Advantages of the Transfer Die Stamping Process

February 6, 2023

During the metal stamping process, metals are pressed into different shapes. Standard methods of production are used in the processes to make catalogue models. Transfer die stamping is one type of equipment used at the facilities to meet customer needs. The product catalogue is considered standard because the shapes and sizes of the parts are set. But some parts don’t meet the needs of every industry. For example, a product may need higher tolerances that aren’t guaranteed in the catalogue’s specifications.

Also, the materials needed might not be the same as those used for standard options. For example, the parts are mostly used for electrolytic capacitors, aerospace parts, and prosthetics that need parts made out of tantalum. It is not usually in the standard portions because it is used for specific things. The quality control of the processes ensures that the desired tolerances, shapes, finishing, parts, and other things are met. By choosing the transfer to die stamping designs and another important tool for customising the project, you have more control to ensure the parts meet your needs. You can’t get everything you chose from the catalogue.

Transfer Die Stamping Basics

Transfer dies are used to stamp things similarly to advanced tools, but they don’t have metal strips. Instead of moving the element through all of its stations, the mechanical transport system moves the parts from one station to the next. The transfer dies are made up of one or more dies or machines that make up the whole production line.

A metal strip is fed into the transfer press at the first station, where the blank is cut. Machines then move the blank through the different forming stations. The stamping process is very flexible, with many parts built into the main steps, such as cut-outs, pierced holes, chamfering, knurls, ribs, and threading. Depending on what is needed, the metal stamping process can add value. There are many benefits to customising the tools, such as making them more reliable, compatible, and easy to use. You should use customisation parts when these things are important to your projects.

Components Compatibility and Accuracy

Most of the time, the stock parts don’t match the rest of the product. It would be best if you changed how the part is made to make it work better. Doing it can make sure the parts are the right shape and size for your project. When you use a transfer die, you can choose from different metals and customisation options to ensure the parts you make are compatible with the materials used. The part’s dependability comes from knowing that it was made correctly. The professional customisation services meet your needs and include sticking to the better tolerances you need. Even when the parts are used in proprietary situations, such as medical devices or robotics, they must work reliably. This is because you know that the customised parts will work as expected.

Reliability and Longer Lasting

Working with the engineering and design teams throughout the process is helpful when making custom parts. The products meet the requirements you set for how easy they are to make and how much they cost. You can also count on how well the parts work when you use them because you know they meet the standards for advanced tools. Also, in many industries, durability is a must. For example, aerospace applications need parts that fit better and work in harsh conditions like high humidity and wide temperature swings. Because the part can be made to fit your needs, you can choose materials that will last. The other way that custom parts are better than standard parts is that the materials used to make them can be chosen to withstand the intended conditions.

Total Customisation

With standard parts, you may only be able to add holes or choose the finish. When you personalise metal stamping elements, you can make every part of your creation easier, and you’re not the only one doing this. The stamping manufacturers can help you change the parts to fit your needs. Their services include helping with the design, picking the best materials, figuring out the finishes, and more.

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