Why do Manufacturers Maximise CNC Machining in Producing Dies and Punches?

February 9, 2022

Many manufacturers rely heavily on dies and punches in carrying out their operations, especially during metal fabrication processes. What is great about these tools is they can effectively cut and shape workpieces according to the requirements of their customers.

Dies are maximised in metal press forming as they hold the workpieces and determine their shape. However, they can also be used in processing plastic and other materials. Punches, alternatively, often pass through the workpieces and into the dies. Both tools work together so they can generate quality parts and products needed by businesses and clients.

Of course, dies and punches can only be effective if they are produced effectively. Fortunately, computer numerical control (CNC) machining has helped manufacturers obtain quality dies and punches. Here are some reasons why CNC machining is great for producing these tools.


One of the reasons why CNC machining is great for producing dies and punches is it can remain accurate for a very long time. CNC machining maximises automation in ensuring that its processes can be conducted consistently. Without human interference on the processing tools of CNC machining, manufacturers can expect to receive multiple dies and punches without a drop in their quality. This specific feature can be difficult to achieve during manual machining.


Another reason why CNC machining is great for the die and punch production as it can produce tools and other products very quickly. The production speed of manual machining often varies depending on a lot of factors. Some workers might already feel tired in processing dies and punches. The quality of the tools used in creating them manually might have also deteriorated. But through CNC machining, the speed remains consistently fast all the time even without taking pauses or breaks.


One aspect of manual machining that is heavily considered before is safety. With manual machining, workers have to ensure that they have undergone training to keep themselves protected from potential dangers in the field. The tools used must likewise be maintained so they do not cause any harm. CNC machining eliminates most of these safety precautions as employees can already conduct machining processes behind a machine guard or a closed transparent safety door.


One more reason why CNC machining can be great for producing dies and punches is it is cost-effective. Manual machining often needs one operator per machine. And so, if a manufacturer would maximise a hundred machines, they would likewise need the same number of workers to get everything done. CNC machining, alternatively, does not require the same ratio to make everything work. Even with few employees, they can already control multiple machines, reducing overall labour costs.

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