What is Surface Grinding and Why It is Important?

November 18, 2021

Businesses in the manufacturing industry ensure that their parts and components will be subjected to a compatible finishing process. Even though these products already boast excellent qualities, manufacturers would still conduct finishing processes over them due to their benefits.

Through finishing processes, parts and components can be effectively protected from corrosive elements. They can likewise make surfaces electrically conductive and resistant to chemicals. Finishing processes can also increase wear resistance, eliminate surface defects, and introduce polished surfaces. They can even improve the overall texture and appearance of parts and components.

One finishing process that can be effective in many parts and products is surface grinding.

An Overview of Surface Grinding

Surface grinding is an abrasive machining process that maximises a surface grinding machine in cutting chips from a workpiece. It is likewise meant to make the surface of the workpiece look smoother and flatter. It can even remove the oxide layer and impurities on the workpiece.

The machine utilised for this process is comprised of an abrasive wheel for cutting chips, a chuck for holding the workpiece, and a rotary or reciprocating table. Ferromagnetic workpieces are often held in place by a magnetic chuck. Non-ferromagnetic and non-metallic workpieces, alternatively, are held in place with mechanical or vacuum means.

The effectiveness of surface grinding depends heavily on the material of the abrasive wheel as well as the material of the workpiece being processed.

The Essence of Surface Grinding

The entire process of surface grinding can bring tons of benefits to manufacturers.

First, the process of surface grinding can easily cater to a wide range of materials. This specific process can effectively bring benefits to cast iron, mild steel, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, and plastics. Another benefit of surface grinding is that it can be carried out easily. The operations necessary for the surface grinding are pretty straightforward, making it possible for manufacturers to conduct the said process without any issues or difficulties.

And when compared to milling and turning processes, the results of the surface grinding process will be much better. Parts and products that have been subjected to this process can likewise boast good dimensional accuracy since any inconsistencies will be eliminated right away.

Of course, lubricants must be utilised effectively to cool the workpiece and some parts of the surface grinding machine. Some known lubricants for most workpieces include water-soluble chemical fluids, water-soluble oils, petroleum-based oils, and synthetic oils.

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