Understanding Different Types of Punch Tools and Their Primary Uses

March 25, 2022

A punch tool is a tool that can create a hole through a workpiece. It has a shape of a rod, which features a narrow tip at one end and a broad flat end at the other. Traditionally, the narrow tip is pointed right against the surface of a workpiece, while the broad flat end is struck with a hammer or mallet. But through technological advancements, the operation of punch tools can now be automated. The presence of various punch tool types has also generated varying applications and purposes.

Some punch tools can be utilised for drilling, while others can be great for removing damaged bolts, pins, or bolts. If you do not know which punch tool can be used for your application, here are some information about different types of punch tools and their primary uses.

Centre Punch

A centre punch is a tool utilised for marking the centre of a point. This type of tool is used whenever holes will be drilled. The tip of this tool can boast an angle between 60 and 90 degrees, ensuring that it can generate a guiding mark as the punching process is conducted. A centre punch can be effective in marking a hole for drilling, making it effective for letter stamp sets and pin presses.

Prick Punch

A prick punch is another punch tool that can be very useful for marking out. Compared to a centre punch, this tool has a sharper angled tip, allowing it to yield a narrower indentation. The tip of the prick punch tool has an angle of 40 degrees, and the general construction of the tool can be made from high carbon steel. This tool can be effective in marking reference points for installing rivets or bolts.

Solid Punch

A solid punch, alternatively, is maximised in driving objects like pins, rivets, and others into a workpiece. It is a one-piece rod-shaped tool that may possess varying diameters, lengths, and tips. This type of tool can be very effective in sheet metal operations as well as boring different measurements of holes. Most solid punch tools can be hardened, tempered, and produced from high carbon steel.

Drive Punch

A drive punch is a punch tool that can process leather and fabric. It can effectively generate and punch precise holes through these materials. Alternatively, a drive punch can also remove damaged or corrosive bolts, pins, and rivets from holes. What is unique about drive punch tools is they have a flat face instead of a sharp point. 

Pin Punch

Compared to other punch tools, a pin punch boasts a larger length. The primary purpose of a pin punch is to turn the pins and rivets out of a hole, which is not possible with other types of punches. Utilising other types of punches in driving these things out of a hole will only make their removal more difficult. This type of punch maximises a long head with a similar diameter as its tip.

There are more types of punch tools that you must know. To know more about them, you can contact us at Gunna Engineering.

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