Punches and Blades Supply for Geka’s Alfa Series of CNC Machines

October 5, 2023

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Computer numerical control or CNC machines continue to revolutionise the way manufacturers shape and manipulate metal materials. Among the leading innovators in this technology is Geka, a well-known manufacturer and supplier of machinery and equipment for the metal fabrication industry. Their Alfa series, for one, is comprised of CNC machines designed to provide exceptional precision in metal fabrication, catering to the needs of various industries. They can be useful for punching, marking, drilling, and shearing flat bars.

Discover the Alfa Series of Geka

The Alfa series of Geka are comprised of five machines: Alfa 150, Alfa 500, Alfa 500-150, Alfa 500-165T and Alfa 500-220T. These machines are all capable of processing flat bars, maximising an input conveyor unit and a user interface controllable by a touch screen and remote control. Their punching unit then maximises a servo motor and a hydraulic hold down.

• Alfa 150: The Alfa 150 can carry out automatic CNC punching and shearing tasks on flat bars ranging from 25×4 mm to 150×10 mm/100×12 mm width. The maximum diameter this machine can punch is 31 mm, while its punching and shearing maximum force is 640 kN. The shearing unit of this machine then utilises an anti-torque system to avoid deformation when cutting workpieces.

• Alfa 500: The Alfa 500, alternatively, can work on flat bars ranging from 50×5 mm to 500×20 mm in width. Its maximum diameter for CNC punching is 40 mm, with punching and shearing maximum force reaching 1100 kN. The shearing unit of this machine boasts a hydraulic hold-down and clamping square guides.

• Alfa 500-150: This specific machine has similar power and size features to Alfa 500. It, however, utilises an additional vertical wing punching unit that can punch diameters up to 31 mm with a punching force of 600 kN. This machine has a hydraulic hold-down and a hydraulic servo valve positioner.

• Alfa Plus: Alfa 500-165T and Alfa 500-220T are both part of Alfa Plus, which can carry out automatic CNC punching, marking, and shearing over flat bars. Their maximum diameter for punching is 40mm, with maximum punching and shearing force capacity of 1100 kN. They only differ in terms of maximum flat bar thickness capability and their punching force.

Right Tooling for the Alfa Series

To unlock the full potential of Geka’s Alfa series, they must be integrated and equipped with high-quality punches and blades. Through the right tooling, they can conveniently deliver exceptional accuracy and speed. High-quality tooling ensures clean cuts, reduces material wastage, and minimises downtime, resulting in cost-effective metal fabrication processes.

High-quality tooling can also help these machines create intricate and complex metal shapes with exceptional precision. Punches and blades play a pivotal role in ensuring flawless execution and production of intricate parts, meeting the exacting standards of projects.

When equipped with quality tools, the Alfa series machines can operate effectively in demanding work environments, minimising the need for frequent replacements and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The quality and precision of punches and blades, therefore, are essential to unlock the full potential of Geka’s Alfa series of CNC machines. Acquiring high-quality tooling from us at Gunna Engineering ensures that you can achieve exceptional results in your metal fabrication processes with Geka machines, delivering accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.

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