Prolong Punch Life with These Important Tips

March 13, 2020

One of the most used types of machine press is a punch press. This type of machine press can cut precise holes in a piece of material. Using punch presses for your daily business operations can help you obtain high precision, rigidity, and efficiency on your final products. They can also save you a lot of labour costs since they can automatically operate and are deemed as safe, reliable, and consistent.

A punch press is comprised of two main components: the punch and the die. The punch is normally pushed against the material. The die, on the other hand, holds the material that is being pressed by the punch. The hole created by the punch press on a material follows the shape of the die.

These components work together flawlessly. However, they can easily get damaged without proper usage and maintenance. So, here are some important tips to remember for you to prolong the punch life of your punch press.

Correct Die Clearance

One factor that can drastically affect the condition of your punching tool is the die clearance. Die clearance is the space between the cutting edge of the punch and the cutting edge of the die button. You must thoroughly understand the physics behind the press so that you will avoid the following situations.

If your die clearance is too tight, the punch can have difficulties in operating, causing it to get damaged easily. This type of die clearance can also increase the required punching tonnage, which would entail increased press maintenance and effort. Alternatively, die clearance that is too loose can wear the die more quickly since the material rolls into it before fracturing occurs. Loose die clearance can cause excessive burrs, deposited debris, and part deformation.

Proper Turret Alignment

Whenever a hole is punched in the centre of the die, a lot of components can move all at the same time. Components involved in the punching action would usually include shot pins, bored, guides, punches, lower-die holders, and auto-index stations. As these components move, turret misalignment usually happens.

The misalignment of your machine is visible whenever there are burrs on one side of the hole or wear on opposite sides of rectangles. This excessive wear will then lead to the wear of your tool. To avoid turret misalignment, you should conduct routine machine maintenance to yield higher production and longer machine life.

Adequate Maintenance

Maintenance does not only involve the assessment of the tools, but it must also include the way you operate your punch press. Depending on your tool, you must perform punching actions and operating conditions that follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Maintaining and following these elements can help you avoid any damage to your press.

Minor fixes on your components can also be a good thing in prolonging your punch life. You don’t need to wait for the punch to become dull before you start fixing your press punch. If you do frequent touch-ups, then you can expect your punching activity to come with a cleaner and a more consistent result.

Following these important tips can help you achieve longer punch life on your machine. If you want some help in maintaining your tool, you can always contact us at Gunna Engineering.

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