Maximising Punch Machinery Efficiency in Production

March 29, 2018

In punch machinery, maximising process efficiency takes more than the ability to squeeze multiple cut sites onto a single sheet of hardened metal. There are other ways to tighten the production cycle. Case in point, the punch material itself is a process performance enhancer. Then there are innovative tool head aids, precisely driven work surfaces, and much more. There are even special methods for cleaning the punches. Let’s start with machine mobility.

Giving Punch Equipment Wings 

Okay, the feature doesn’t actually fly, but it does grant the tool head a greater degree of mobility. By placing the flatbed work surface on rails, perhaps a moving carriage mechanism, the sheet metal moves precisely along the X and Y axis. While the workpiece is maneuvered into place by an incredibly sensitive set of servo motors, the tool head spins to select the required punch. This is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) punch station, an equipment type that uses computer codes to control all of the tools.

Utilising Multitool Solutions 

The manufacturing operation has been at work for several hours. Now, however, the equipment stops midrun. A maintenance period is in action, and the punches are being pulled. Replaced or cleaned, the stoppage is hurting company productivity. One option here is to admit the equipment can’t handle the capacity. It gets sidelined, turned into a backup unit or a low-run punch station. Then a faster, more capable piece of machinery takes over. The second option is more affordable. Instead of accepting these stoppage periods, employ a multitool configuration, a retrofitted mechanism. Now, as the punch wears down, it’s automatically flipped out of the impact assembly and replaced by a new tool.

A Faster Cleaner Upper 

Engineers grit their teeth when a midrun stop occurs. Still, a long stoppage will become a short pause when a superior planned maintenance plan is incorporated into the process. For starters, the use of a technologically advanced punch cleaning procedure will reduce the productivity-stinging interruption. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is the logical choice here, for this tech vibrates away all contaminants. No messy detergents or acidic compounds are required when an ultrasonic cleaner is on-call.

High-quality punches deliver significant productivity boosts. The shock-resistant steel always hits its mark. Vacuum furnace heat treatment work prevents point blunting and material fractures, so fatigue-induced process interruptions occur rarely. Use these densely grained tools as an efficiency maximiser. Use them alongside adaptable multitool heads, cluster punching assemblies, and CNC coded equipment. Employed intelligently, manufacturing throughput will ensure a tightly monitored quota goal is always reachable.

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