How to Ensure Safe Use of Sheet Metal Shearing Tools?

May 25, 2021

Shearing is a type of metal fabrication process that can effectively trim and remove materials from metal workpieces. Unlike other fabrication processes, shearing does not rely heavily on heat as it can already be performed at room temperature. It does not also produce a lot of waste.

To effectively carry out the shearing process, a specific shearing machine or tool is utilised. This machine or tool has a blade that can slice through the workpiece without compromising its quality. The workpiece is often placed in the proper position before letting the top blade cut through it. As the top blade comes down, the lower blade at the bottom of the workpiece is then pressed onto it.

What makes shearing tools great is that they can guarantee fast operations. They can likewise provide clean cuts and smooth edges. They do not even produce waste and can process different types of metals. Necessary measures, however, must be followed to avoid causing damages and injuries.

Conduct Training

One of the most reliable measures that can help maintain the safe use of shearing tools is the presence of regular training sessions for the workers. Through various training sessions, workers can understand all the aspects that need to be studied so that the whole shearing process can be both successful and safe. These sessions can teach them how to work with different shearing tools, as well as identify hazards and risks that may be present in their workplace. Safety protocols are likewise taught during these sessions, ensuring that workplace accidents can be mitigated and avoided.

Inspect Tools

Another necessary measure that can prevent shearing process mishaps is the inspection of shearing tools. Before conducting any shearing processes, workers and other authorised personnel should conduct regular inspection of the tools to verify if they are still in great condition or not. Inspections, after all, can help identify any issues and problems that shearing tools may already have. Without conducting any inspections, the shearing tools may already be damaged, which would only affect the shearing quality. Failure to inspect the tools can likewise pose some threat to workers and operators.

Maintain Regularly

Aside from regular inspections before conducting the shearing process, the shearing tools must also be maintained and repaired regularly. Just like other tools and equipment pieces, shearing tools can also deteriorate over time. And as they wear down, their effectiveness gradually declines too. Through proper upkeep and repair, the shearing tools can maintain their operations for a much longer time. Any defects can also be detected ahead of main operations, preventing accidents along the way.

Maximise PPE

One more necessary measure that allows safe shearing operations is to maximise personal protective equipment (PPE). Workers and other people on the shearing site must wear appropriate PPE to protect themselves from accidents. Some PPE that needs to be utilised are hand gloves, spark-resistant glasses, protective headgear, and many more. Heavy jewellery must also be removed before the operations.

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