Cost-Effectiveness of Sheet Metal Punching

June 29, 2022

When it comes to making current manufacturing products, sheet metal punching can’t be overlooked. The tool called punch die is forced into a sheet metal workpiece to make a hole in the process known as shearing. Slugs, little waste metal fragments formed during the punching process, are another byproduct of the procedure. Most of the time, the slugs are gathered and used again.

For your next sheet metal project, consider these advantages of employing a sheet metal punching machine, as explained by Gunna Engineering’s experts.

Highly Cost-Effective

When it comes to one-off sheet metal projects or low to medium production runs, a sheet metal punch is an ideal solution. Punch machines are also extremely fast and efficient, resulting in a reduction in production time, a reduction in waste, and an increase in savings. You can rapidly select a different punching tool without having to manually replace the tooling by using the controller.With a sheet metal punch, huge constructions can be assembled and tested with soft tools. There is no need for expensive stamping dies that may need to be changed down the road because of this. As a result, a metal punch machine is an excellent option for prototypes and other projects that require greater design flexibility.

In terms of adaptability, sheet metal punches and laser cutters have a lot in common. They both can cut multiple shapes in a succession at a high rate of stroke speed, which makes them more efficient than laser cutters when it comes to speed and the number of hits per minute. Extrusions, deburring, blanks and taps are all secondary operations that a laser cutter cannot perform.Punching keeps more of the sheet metal’s galvanised coating on the edges, which helps keep it from rusting, but it may not give the same smoothness that other industries require. Allows sheet metal punch to reduce production costs compared with laser cutting.


Infinite forms and holes can be produced by this soft tooling machinery for your particular idea. Using a sheet metal punch, you can make circular or square holes, perforations of various sizes, and other designs thanks to the punch’s multiple stroke capability and variable tool sizing. As a result of the numerous tooling in a single device, the machine can process complex parts without having to interrupt the process.

Advanced Technology and Safety

Sheet metal punch technology has seen several recent advancements that have made the equipment more user-friendly and less time-consuming. Multifunctional combination tools that do not require the turret to be indexed independently for each tool, such as self-striping punch tools, also fall under this category. Aside from increasing machine productivity, this improvement has also reduced waste and expenses by allowing it to produce more with the same amount of workpiece.

Faster punching speeds than mechanical presses are provided by our various sheet metal manufacturing services thanks to the added convenience of automatic loading and unloading. Our skilled technicians can assist you with any sheet metal machinery needs so that your turret punch has the longest potential lifespan. Call us as soon as possible!

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