Considerations for Making Metal Parts using Progressive Die Stamping

December 14, 2022

The progressive die stamping process is often used in producing a wide variety of products across various industries. Therefore, the engineering and purchasing managers are responsible for acquiring standard parts and components. While doing this, they need to consider the price of the parts, which varies depending on their function and their application. In addition, you need to select a manufacturer capable of and with previous expertise in producing the components. What exactly is meant by the term “progressive die stamping,” and what aspects of the procedure require your attention?

The Wonders of Progressive Die Stamping

It is a method of fabricating metal parts that may produce complicated components in various stages for use in various industries and applications. This method consists of numerous phases, and each stage performs a unique operation on the component or portion being worked on. During the procedure, the metal coils are moved through the numerous stations of an auto-transfer manufacturing line. At each station, a new component is finished being assembled. After that, a high-tonnage press machine applies significant pressure on the item to dictate its shape. The last step in the process is to generate the forms by punching, bending, shaping, sketching, or coining the material.

Several essential needs influence the manufacture of components through the process of progressive die stamping. They comprise the difficulty level, dimensions, and needed quantity of pieces. As a result, this method is ideal for producing large quantities of parts while maintaining a low cost per unit.

Volume of Production

The manufacturing process of metal components, known as progressive die stamping, is intended to mass-produce the parts. This is the method to use if you want to produce many individual components, so be excited about it! You will, however, require a stamping parts supplier to provide a consistent flow to make the process go faster. Your work will continue to move quickly and effectively for the year due to this.

Size and Thickness of the Parts

Punching, shaping, and drawing are all processes utilised in the production of complicated components, which results in the parts’ fabrication in various sizes and thicknesses. Progressive stamping is the procedure that should be used whenever there is a need to produce a large number of complicated pieces. But before you choose a supplier for stamping components, you need to find out the machinability skills of the potential suppliers. You have a requirement to find out if they can stamp bigger pieces with varying degrees of thickness. After that, when you produce the pieces by employing the procedure, you will receive faster results that are of a higher quality.

Materials Utilised

The application’s purpose, resistance, and strength requirements all have a role in determining the material that is utilised to make the pieces. For instance, if the components are to be utilised in the aircraft industry, the automobile industry, or the mining industry, they must have a high resistance strength. This is because they work in harsh environments, which necessitates that they are more robust and more resistant to wear and tear. Because of their high strength and resistance to corrosion, metals like aluminium and the alloys made from it are considered advantageous. Therefore, you know that the parts and components created from metal utilising progressive stamping dies will be high quality and last a long time.

Stamping using progressive dies is one of the most effective methods for producing components for various industries. The process used to manufacture these parts results in robust and resistant components, making them appropriate for use in challenging environments. But before you go ahead and create the pieces, make sure you give some thought to their size, shape, order volume, the materials that will be used, and the tooling process. You’ll be able to produce high-quality, long-lasting, and dependable components using these tools.

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