Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Die Cutting Machines

December 15, 2021

Different types of machines can cut workpieces. And one of the machines that manufacturers can work with is the die cutting machine.

Die-cutting machines are machines that can cut workpieces so they can achieve custom shapes and styles. Some materials that can be processed by die-cutting machines are paper, fabric, and metal. With the development of tools, die-cutting machines can easily carry out various cutting techniques that help manufacturers finish their products. Some techniques that die-cutting machines can do are kiss cutting, through cutting, perforating, scoring, and creasing.

If you currently use die-cutting machines on your operations, then you must maintain them optimally. Here are some tips that you can do to maintain your die-cutting machines and cutting dies.

The Machine

Many things can be done to maintain your die-cutting machines.

One thing that you can do to maintain your die-cutting machines is to lubricate their moving parts. Lubricating the moving machine parts are necessary so they can avoid friction from damaging them. One type of lubricant that can be beneficial for your die-cutting machines is grease. Applying grease to the motor and roller bearings can prevent your machines from failing during their operations.

Aside from greasing, another thing that you can do to prolong the service life of your die-cutting machines is to apply some oil to their parts. Oiling is necessary to ensure that your die-cutting machines can move smoothly as well as prevent rust from forming.

Regular inspection is another thing you can do to make sure your die-cutting machines are still in good condition. Through regular inspection, you can effectively determine and detect if there are any issues or problems with your die-cutting machines. Once issues are uncovered, they can be effectively resolved by professionals who know how to repair or replace the affected parts.

Cutting Dies

Aside from maintaining your die-cutting machines, you must also ensure that your cutting dies are maintained optimally.

One maintenance tip that you can do to retain the quality of your cutting dies is to position them differently every time they are utilised. Placing them differently each time they are used can expose them to different pressure, preventing them from obtaining wear and tear on the same area.

Another tip that you can carry out is to store them properly. Dies that utilise small parts can be stored with magnetic sheets, ensuring that they will not be misplaced during their storage. Dies with huge components, alternatively, should be stored vertically so that they will not damage each other.

Following these maintenance tips can ensure that both your die-cutting machines and cutting dies can work for a very long time. If you have some questions about their maintenance, you can contact us at Gunna Engineering. We are a small engineering business that has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of punches, dies, and blades for a variety of industries.

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