Understanding Shock-Resisting Tool Steels for Manufacturing Punches and Dies

Tool steels are carbon and alloys steels that have distinct characteristics such as hardness, wear resistance, toughness, and resistance to softening at high temperatures. These steels are comprised of carbide-forming elements such as chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, tungsten, cobalt, and nickel in different combinations. They are primarily treated with heat to improve hardness, making them usable […]

EDM or CNC Milling: What Option Should You Choose?

Today, the industry of die and mould machining has been growing alongside the rise of technological advancements. The evolution of metalworking technology right now allows businesses to skip most time-consuming and labour-intensive aspects of die and mould machining. The process of grinding or polishing by hand in machining hardened mould surfaces is reduced or eliminated […]

Effects of Premature Wear in Punches and Dies on Driving Shop Productivity

Considering industry pressures, punch and die facilities can’t afford significant periods of machine downtime, not if they’re to remain a competitive force in an aggressively growth-oriented manufacturing sector. Unfortunately, as potent as these tools clearly are, they are susceptible to fatigue-related productivity bottlenecks. Any major disruption, whether due to a worn punch or a threadbare […]