Zinc Plating Services in Melbourne

February 28, 2018

Made in Australia, toughened metal parts gain an edge when they’re coated in zinc. It’s true, a high-tensile support strut or hardened fastener will anchor a super-heavy load, but that mechanical strength can be undermined. Crippled by water, and time, strong alloys corrode. Here in Melbourne, where the coastal salt air drifts far, a zinc plating service will armour those exposed metal parts and really supplement their already durable qualities.

Zinc Plating Services: A Melbourne-Centred Operation 

Oceans erode metal parts. That’s a slightly ironic fact, especially when that workpiece was originally machined by a hardened die cutting machine. Carbide-tip drill bits and blades and punches were utilized during the manufacturing process. Now, though, the humid air is eating into the alloy. That’s the very definition of irony. If these hard steel parts are to be protected, we can take two different paths to success. First off, there are expensive heat treatment options and even more costly stainless steel alloys. Perhaps that option is viable, but if the workpiece is large, this treatment strategy is likely to empty the client’s bank account rather quickly. The second option is a zinc plating service, an electrocoating process that provides an affordable second option.

Zinc Plating, What is It? 

This electrodeposition technique adds a thin layer of zinc to the chemically vulnerable metal product. Fasteners, for example, are frequently finished with zinc. The plating adds a mild corrosion-resistant feature to the screws and bolt, plus nuts, but it doesn’t interfere with the thread fit. Again, that’s because the plating is as thin as a second skin. Furthermore, stressed metal components gain a measure of wear endurance when they’re coated in zinc. Carried out by a remote machine working and chemical treatment factory, the technique is relatively affordable. All the same, wouldn’t it be easier, and cheaper, to have access to a zinc plating service here in Melbourne? Galvanized by immersing the component in a zinc plating solution, an electrical circuit uses that metal as a cathode. Zinc ions flow towards the metal, they coat the part, and the zinc finish is deposited as a finely formed coating.

If a parts manufacturer in or around Melbourne has produced a toughened steel part, don’t let our salty, wet air eat into that finely engineered part. Form a partnership with a local zinc plating service, a machine/chemical plating shop that understands the importance of an armoured finish. Fatigue and oxidisation resistant, the newly encased component won’t corrode, nor will it experience abrasive wear, not when the process is carried out in a factory-controlled setting.

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