What are the Notable Advantages of EDM Spark Erosion?

October 25, 2021

A wide variety of machining processes can be conducted to ensure that products are produced effectively. One of the processes that are utilised by manufacturing businesses is spark erosion.

Spark erosion, also known as electro-discharge machining (EDM), is a machining process that produces products with complex and intricate forms. As its name implies, spark erosion utilises sparks or electrical discharges between two electrodes in removing materials from workpieces. The electrodes are separated by a dielectric liquid, which serves as a conductor and a cooling agent throughout the process. The removal of material takes place once the electrical energy changes into heat.

EDM spark erosion is maximised by a lot of manufacturing businesses as it can bring tons of advantages. Some of its notable advantages are as follows.

Craft Complicated Products

One notable advantage of EDM spark erosion is that it can easily craft complicated products. As previously stated, this specific process enables businesses to generate products with intricate form factors. So, products that have thin walls, internal corners with small radii, or non-round openings and cavities can be crafted out of this process. This process can certainly surpass traditional cutting methods that have difficulty in creating these products.

Work with Tough Materials

Some machining processes can have some difficulties in generating products from hard materials. Alternatively, the EDM spark erosion process can conveniently work with hard materials thanks to its effective cutting rate. Materials such as tool steel, tungsten carbide, and others can all be processed by EDM spark erosion without any issues. Once processed, products made from these materials can readily boast their final size without distortion problems.

Attain Great Surface Finish

Another advantage of EDM spark erosion is that it can generate products with a great surface finish. While traditional machining processes can also achieve a good surface finish, the EDM spark erosion process can yield a better surface finish as it can boast a very random texture. The characteristics of the said finish can be beneficial for businesses that heavily consider the performance of their products. The EDM spark erosion process can likewise generate smooth finishes based on one’s requirements.

Save Important Resources

One more advantage of EDM spark erosion is that it can save tons of resources. With EDM spark erosion, any sort of special tooling is not needed, which can already save money and lead time. The cost advantages of EDM spark erosion are then amplified since multiple layers of materials and workpieces can be cut simultaneously, reducing the time needed for the whole operation. The precise final shape of products can likewise be achieved without moving them repeatedly, which can also save resources.

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