Top 3 Practices Only a Reputable Punching Tool Manufacturer Can Carry Out

February 25, 2022

When generating holes into workpieces, manufacturers would often maximise punching tools. Punching tools are tools that can drive fasteners, create holes, or form indentation or impressions of the tip on workpieces. They are comprised of a hard metal rod with a sharp point at the end. The other end, alternatively, would be large and blunt.

Usually, manufacturers use punching tools by pressing their sharp points to the workpieces. Subsequently, they would hit the blunter end with a mallet or hammer. These tools, however, can already be moved by machines, especially if computer numerical control machines are available.

Punching tools are vital in ensuring that different products are produced. Hence, they must be created by a reputable manufacturer. When looking for a punching tool manufacturer, here are some practices that only the reputable one can do.

  1. Understands the Materials

A manufacturer is said to be reputable if they have a deep understanding of every potential material for the tools. Punching tools can only last for a long time if they are produced out of durable and compatible materials. Without considering their materials, they would only deteriorate and get damaged after using them for a few sessions. A manufacturer is reliable and reputable if they know the properties of all possible materials for the punching tools. Since they are knowledgeable about the materials, they can then suggest the ones that could fit the operational requirements of the clients.

  1. Maximises Good Coatings

Aside from the base materials of the punching tools, a manufacturer should also have impeccable knowledge about coatings. Maximising general-purpose coating for punching tools tends to wear out easier. As their coatings wear out, the punching tools would easily get marked. Damages may likewise infiltrate their surfaces. A reputable manufacturer, therefore, would apply and infuse multiple layers of nitride, titanium, and zirconium on the punching tools so they can prevent galling. The infusion of good coatings likewise can increase lubricity and wear resistance.

  1. Helps in Lubricity Upkeep

The use of quality materials and coatings is not enough to maintain the quality of punching tools. A manufacturer is said to be reputable and reliable if they can integrate strategies that can maintain the lubricity of the punching tools. One great way a reputable manufacturer can help in maintaining lubricity is to apply Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings. PVD coatings are best known for their galling and abrasion resistance. They can also maintain the notable properties of base metals. Other elements that can help in maintaining lubricity are titanium nitride and titanium carbonitride with molybdenum disulphide.

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