Shear Blades Available at Gunna Engineering: Primary Advantages of the Shearing Process

April 9, 2021

There are tons of processes that are often done to create different types of products. One of these processes is shearing. Shearing is a process that can cut workpieces without burning or melting them. Most of the time, shearing is conducted by utilising either straight or curved shear blades.

Some of the notable materials that can undergo the shearing process include metal, fabric, paper, and plastic. With these materials, the shear blades that are often attached to shearing tools and machines can all be used in conducting cutting, blanking, piercing, roll slitting, trimming, and other operations, generating a wide array of useful products in the market.

The whole shearing process can provide numerous advantages to businesses. Some of these advantages are as follows:

Straight and Clean Cuts

What is great about the shearing process is that it can cut products without messing up their appearance. Most high-quality shear blades that are used for the process can guarantee straight and clean cuts, which cannot be stated with other manufacturing processes. Chips, burns, and other impurities can be effectively prevented once a manufacturer turns to and embrace the shearing process.

Material Compatibility

Another advantage of the shearing process is that it can work well with delicate materials. Most softer metals can be difficult to process, especially if burning or melting operations are involved. But with the shearing process, these metals can be easily cut, pierced, and others without expecting any damages. This process can even produce thousands of pieces in just an hour.

Minimal Loss of Material

Kerf loss is known to be the amount of material loss that is generated during a cutting process. And as the width of the cutting blade increases, the greater kerf loss a process can generate. But with shearing, the use of appropriate blades and tools can effectively minimise or even avoid kerf loss, allowing manufacturers and businesses to lessen waste products throughout their operations.

Performance Advances

The shearing process alone can significantly improve the outcome of the products. It can provide a straighter edge on workpieces. It can likewise cut small lengths of workpieces at a time. The process is also faster compared to others, cutting through different workpieces in just a few seconds. Additional cooling or heating mechanisms are not even required, saving tons of energy along the way.

The shearing process can truly provide a lot of advantages and benefits to businesses that need high-quality products. The process, however, can only be successful if the shear blades have decent specifications. And so, we, at Gunna Engineering, only produce and offer shear blades that have great qualities to clients. We can manufacture shear blades to customer requirements. We can even make replacement parts for those very old mechanical punch and shear machines.

We are a small engineering business that has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing punches, dies, and blades for a variety of industries.

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