Helpful Tips that can Prolong Punch Press and Punch Tool Life

April 28, 2021

One fabricating process that is being carried out by many industrial plants is punching. Punching is a fabrication process wherein the scrap slug is removed from the workpiece every time a punch gets through the punching die. As the punch and punching die interacts, a hole in the workpiece is created. Some of the materials that often undergo the punching process are sheet metal, paper, and plastic film.

The punch press or equipment is typically comprised of two tool parts. One of these parts is the support for the punches. Another tool part of the punch press is the dies. And as previously mentioned, the interaction of the punch and the punching die often leaves holes in the workpiece.

Punching through workpieces can yield optimal results as long as the quality of the punch press and the punch tool is preserved. Some tips that can enhance their performance and longevity are as follows:

Sharpen the Tools Regularly

The sharpness of the punching tools may start to wear off once they are used regularly. And without any upkeep and maintenance, they may start to generate larger burrs since they would require more force just to carry out the punching operations. To keep their performance intact, they must undergo frequent regrind processes.

Apply Optimal Lubrication

One necessary step that can optimise the entire punching operations is lubrication. The application of lubricant through a punch lubrication system can reduce the generated heat once the tools and workpieces interact. This system can likewise maintain clearance and sharpness of the tools. Applying lubricant to the workpiece can also help in maintaining the service life of punching tools.

Consider the Tool Quality

Tool steels that are used to create punch tools can be made from a wide variety of carbon steel and alloy steel. They are known for their distinctive hardness, resistance to deformation and abrasion, and sustain a cutting edge even at extreme temperatures. The effectiveness of the punch presses and tools, however, can only be achieved if the right set of alloys are obtained. Tools that have M2 and M4 tool steel materials are often considered the best for punching workpieces.

Retain Flawless Alignment 

When conducting the punching process, both the punch and the tool must be aligned perfectly. The tool must be guided by its full stroke so that any deflection issues will be prevented. To retain the flawless alignment of the said materials, they must acquire assistance from a good stripper system. This specific system holds the workpiece as the tool goes through it.

Ensure Proper Tool Storage

Another great tip that can enhance the performance and longevity of punch presses and punch tools is to store them properly after use. They must be protected from elements that can be damaging to their surfaces and overall composition. They must also be labelled properly to avoid mixing up tools and presses that are not compatible with each other.

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