A List of Metals and Alloys Covered by Gunna Engineering’s Machining Services

April 7, 2022

Machining is vital to the modern manufacturing industry as it can generate a wide array of quality parts and products. It is likewise useful in crafting parts and products with various shapes, sizes, and other specifications, allowing them to be workable in subsequent manufacturing processes.

We, at Gunna Engineering, know the significance of machining. Hence, we offer this specific service to clients who want to possess high-quality parts and products. As technology improves, our processes have been modified to cater to the needs of modern times. Therefore, we have ensured that the machining process is done with the help of computer numerical control or CNC machines.

CNC machining has helped us to become more accurate and more efficient. It likewise helped us cover a wide range of metals and alloys. Here are some metals and alloys that we can process.


Aluminium is one of the materials that we can cover with our machining services. Compared to other materials, aluminium is known to be the most cost-effective material that can be processed with CNC machining tools due to its high machinability, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and affordable cost.

Aluminium 6061 is a type of aluminium that possess excellent workability and machinability, making it useful for general applications. Aluminium 7075, alternatively, possesses great ductility, high strength, and notable fatigue resistance, which makes it suitable for aerospace and automotive industries.

Stainless Steel

Another material that we can process is stainless steel. Stainless steel does not possess the same machinability as aluminium. However, it can still be processed effectively once it is combined with its low raw material. Some key features of stainless steel that make it great for manufacturing parts and products are corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, appealing looks, and excellent durability.

Stainless steel 304 is a type of stainless steel that can be machined to create household tools and products. Stainless steel 316, alternatively, can be processed to create medical and aerospace products.


Brass is an alloy that is generated by combining copper and zinc. The mixture of these materials allows brass to boast high machinability, medium hardness, and high tensile strength. Brass can likewise be recycled without losing too much of its initial value. One caveat of brass is that it can be expensive as it maximises expensive raw materials.

Given the qualities of brass, we can easily machine this material and create products for the electrical and automotive industries. We can also formulate brass parts and products for medical applications.

Tool Steel

Carbon steels and alloy steels that can be modified and machined to create tools are part of tool steel. We can effectively machine this material to create dies, cutting tools, hand tools, and others. What makes tool steel great for machining services is it boasts resistance to abrasion and deformation. It likewise has distinctive hardness and resistance to elevated temperatures.

To date, there are numerous tool steel categories that we can process. These categories include water hardened, air-hardened, high speed, hot work, and shock-resistant.

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