A Checklist for Boosting the Life of Your Punch Tools

July 23, 2021

When it comes to the generation of holes to workpieces, many industries would prefer and rely heavily on punch tools. Punch tools are small pieces of metal rods equipped with a sharp tip. Before, workers often use punch tools by pressing their sharp ends against the workpieces before hitting the blunt end with a hammer or mallet. But with the introduction of computer numerical control or CNC machines to the market, punch tools are now pressed against the workpieces without any manual labour.

Many types of punch tools are available today to effectively cater to a wide variety of applications. But no matter what their types are, all of them can still get damaged or become faulty when used inappropriately. They can even deteriorate despite using strong types of tool steels.

Fortunately, the service life of your punch tools can be boosted and extended with the following tips.

Conduct Regular Maintenance

One remarkable tip that can help prolong the life of your punch tools is to conduct regular maintenance. The effectiveness of your punch tools can be sustained if they are sharpened regularly. And since their sharp points can easily carry out the punching process, they will not be forced to operate and develop some damages and issues. Cleaning them can also help extend their service life.

Practise Proper Tool Storage

Another tip that can help boost the life of your punch tools is to store them properly. Punch tools that are stacked against other tools may lead to unnecessary scratches and dents. These effects may even amplify if these tools are made from different metal types. For proper storage of punch tools, they must be separated from others. They must also be stored in an environment that does not harm their surfaces.

Maintain Sharpness of the Tool

The sharp points of the punch tools are expected to become dull once they have been used repeatedly. And without sharpening them, they are forced to push through workpieces and generate larger burrs. As previously stated, sharpening them can help in maintaining their service life. Additionally, doing this can help sustain their usefulness and efficiency.

Apply Appropriate Lubrication

Lubrication has been very helpful in maintaining the service life of various machines and tools since it can prevent components from damaging each other. Punch tools can also attain the benefit of lubrication. After all, they are often subjected to friction that is generated whenever the tools interact with the workpieces. The application of a lubricant to punch tools can minimise friction and avoid galling.

Perform Correct Operations

One more tip that can help prolong the service life of your punch tools is to perform correct operations. Two things that you may want to perform correctly are the alignment of the punch tools and the clearance between them and the die. Maintaining perfect alignment of the punch tool can help prevent deflection. Applying correct clearances between the tools and the die can then guarantee their longevity.

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