Tool Steel Grades for Punches and Dies

There’s something about tool steel grades, especially when they’re used in punches and dies. The metals feel incredibly dense. Way back at the milling plant, a suitable steel alloy has been selected. It’s a coarse-grained material with a ready to adapt microcrystalline structure. Beyond the fabrication process, the tool grade steel is heat treated and […]

Most Common Causes of Punch Breakage

Hardened carbide steels, all extensively heat treated, last for thousands of punching operations. Even equipped with dense material backbones, however, punch breakage is an unavoidable problem. To some extent, operator error is a known causative factor. The shut height is incorrectly set, the wrong strip-starting procedure is utilized, or some other operator-generated blunder is ongoing. […]

What is a Progressive Stamping Die?

Production facilities rarely rely on single-stage machine operations. For example, progressive stamping dies sequentially form large batches of raw materials, which flow as blank strips through various tooling stations. It’s a high-volume process, in other words, one that incorporates punching, coining, and bending operations into a single line. Hence, the “progressive” descriptor. Peeking deep inside […]

The Importance of Effective Heat Treatment for Punches, Dies, Blades, and Tool Steels

Tool steels are hardened alloys. They’re shaped into sharp-edged cutting and forming profiles. However, in order to retain those rigid geometrical outlines, tool alloys need heat treatment work. With the post-manufacturing work, the super-hardened metals gain additional mechanical strength and material durability. They won’t succumb to abrasive wear, nor will they experience metal fatigue when […]

What is Sheet Metal Punching?

It’s back to basics day. What is sheet metal punching? A person who’s unfamiliar with the process infers a few facts. There are plates of metal, and they’re being held by a clamping mechanism. Suspended above that workpiece, a tool is descending rapidly and with great force. It strikes, a mark is produced, and then […]

Measuring Punch Accuracy in Metal Fabrication

It’s true, punch quality and features are important. However, even if the tools exceed all expectations, they’re not doing the job right if the punch tip isn’t accurately hitting its mark. To make sure that’s the case every single time, alignment issues need to be addressed. In a nutshell, we need to determine the dimensional […]

Quality Punches and Dies for Tool Making

There’s a formula for creating quality punches. The engineering techniques also apply to the dies for tool making that perform flawlessly during their extended lifespans. Principally speaking, the key is to never accept anything less than the best. Unfortunately, sheet material manufacturers also using that approach. If tooling technology stands still, these improved raw metals […]