Machining Materials with Complex Shapes and Sizes: Why Choose EDM Spark Eroding?

With EDM Spark Eroding equipment in-situ, very precise material incisions become entirely possible. That might not seem like a big deal, as any abrasive cutting disc or milling tool can subtract workpiece material. Of some concern, however, aggressive cutting edges can’t make complex incisions, not without impacting the surrounding area. Well, electrical Discharge Machining uses […]

Different Ways to Keep Your Shear in Top Shape

Seen in action, a metal cutting “shear” slices through sheet metal sections in a single cut. By comparison, an industrial saw is a less effective fabrication tool, one that takes time to route its cuts. Needless to say, that all-at-once shearing action takes its toll. Clearly, if a high-production metal forming workshop is to sustain […]

The Importance of Die Clearance in Punching Operation

Without die clearance tolerances, punching strokes would become woefully inaccurate. The equipment could still send the punch operation downwards accurately, with the tool moving as if it were on an invisible rail, but a poorly configured die-to-punch gap would then deflect the stroke before it made contact. To forestall such undesirable process results, equipment techs […]

How Does CAD-CAM Technology Help in Engineering and Manufacturing of Materials?

Computer Aided Design involves program design space, parametric models, and proprietary software packages. By itself, this field of engineering can’t create a real-world product. Enter Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), with its machine codes and automated machinery. This is the second half of a computer-aided design and manufacturing process that’s currently revolutionizing the machine shop industry. […]