Main Benefits of Using Tool Steel Punches and Dies

When processing workpieces, manufacturers utilise different tools to produce quality output. Two tools that have been consistent in generating excellent parts and products are punches and dies. Punches are tools that pierce through a workpiece, creating holes that are necessary for its production. These punches mostly operate with mechanical or automated punch presses. Dies, on […]

5 Shear Blade Maintenance Tips You Must Follow

Shearing is a process of cutting sheet metals and other similar workpieces. It utilises shear blades made from hard steel materials. Some workpieces that undergo the shearing process can be challenging to cut. Hence, shear blades must be generated out of materials that can handle varying properties of sheet metals and workpieces. Shear blades must […]

Differences and Applications of Sinker EDM and Wire EDM

Many manufacturers maximise manufacturing processes to produce components for machines, tools, and others. Some of these processes are machining, joining, shearing, forming, casting, and moulding. What is common about these processes is they use various tools and equipment pieces to generate the needed products. Some can remove material from workpieces, while others join materials together. […]