Mechanical Punch and Shear Machine: Maintenance and Use of Quality Replacement Parts

Imagine how a mechanical punch would perform if it was overlooked. Now try picturing that same uncaring attitude as applied to a shearing machine. The high-performance, high-precision equipment eventually falls into disrepair. No surprise there, then. What choice is there now? The machine shop stops and experiences an unproductive period of downtime until the punch […]

Common Punch Press Tooling Accessories

Machine shop punch press tools perform a series of intricately controlled mechanical strokes. Cuts and indentations drop down with ram-like force. Slugs drop free while a matching die accommodates the cut. Having evolved over several decades, contemporary punch press stations use process-enhancing turrets, which carry additional tools. Still, should that ever-handy equipment turret section make […]

EDM Spark Erosion: What is it all About?

Spark machining uses electrical discharge energy to subtract metal from a workpiece. Known as EDM spark erosion technology (Electrical Discharge Machining), the manufacturing process solves the kind of machining puzzles that can stymy EDM deprived workshops. Let’s delve deep into the technology, the methods, the applications, and the equipment that makes this intricate metal shaping […]

What is the Process of CNC Turning?

Despite the label, CNC Turning tools don’t spin when there’s cutting work to be done. In reality, metal workpieces are mounted and set spinning. Like a clay turning table, the metal part receives its shape. Only, it’s a cutting tool, not a sculptor’s hands, that imparts the encircling cut profiles. To apply that shape, the […]

CNC Milling and Machining: What is it Used For?

As any competent engineering student can guess, this is an incredibly dense subject. CNC Milling and Machining, which recruits computer control systems, has entire libraries dedicated to its study. To better understand the discipline and all of its machine-associated, software dominated elements, let’s start at the beginning. Then, after defining the machining doctrines, albeit in […]