Effects of Premature Wear in Punches and Dies on Driving Shop Productivity

Considering industry pressures, punch and die facilities can’t afford significant periods of machine downtime, not if they’re to remain a competitive force in an aggressively growth-oriented manufacturing sector. Unfortunately, as potent as these tools clearly are, they are susceptible to fatigue-related productivity bottlenecks. Any major disruption, whether due to a worn punch or a threadbare […]

High Quality Dies and Punches Require Top-Notch CAD/CAM Technology

State-of-the-art strides in CAD/CAM technology have spurred die and punch manufacturing developments at an unprecedented pace. In light of these technologically-driven tool forming developments, we feel an obligation to check out some of the more promising tech trends. Starting with conventional high-quality punch manufacturing workstations, follow us now as we look at new ways to […]

Ways to Boost Punch Life

Made from hardened tungsten carbide alloys, tool punches should last for ages. That may be the case in an ideal world, but we clearly don’t live there. Punch life issues occur, they frustrate equipment operators, and they cause periods of machine downtime to accumulate. A productivity loss graph could probably chart the problem. Or, better […]