Things to Consider When Choosing a Tool Steel Grade

Manufacturing industries that are involved in making different types of cutting tools, hand tools, machine dies, and others typically maximise the properties of tool steels. Tool steels are carbon alloy steels that are known for their hardness, abrasion resistance, and ability to retain shape at high temperatures. Most of these materials are produced through different […]

The Principles in Achieving Successful Punching

The whole process of punching may be straightforward. However, a successful punching can be difficult to achieve if some of the required elements are not optimised for the said process. And so, fabricators that maximise punching should know the basic principles to achieve satisfactory results. Knowing these principles can also help the fabricators become more […]

Hole Making Operations in CNC Machining

Machining is a type of material removal process that creates specific products on a part by removing and cutting away any unwanted material from the workpiece. This process is typically done and performed by computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines or CNC turning machines. Other pieces of equipment that can conduct machining include drill presses […]

An Overview about Tool Steel and Its Applications

Steel is commonly used in a wide variety of applications that require framework strengthening and structural support. Roads, buildings, bridges, airports, and other infrastructures are often built with steel because of its reliable strength and fracture resistance. Aside from the construction industry, steel is also used maximised in manufacturing appliances, equipment, and tools that are […]

Electrical Discharge Machining or Spark Erosion Process Explained

Machining processes like drilling, turning, or mining are all available to effectively create and produce hard materials, especially the metal ones. However, most of them cannot produce intricate and sophisticated parts and components that are needed for certain applications. Fortunately, one known machining process that can create intricate metal parts or components is electrical discharge […]

Industrial Punching Process on CNC Machines

One metal fabrication process that is frequently used by numerous manufacturers is punching. Punching basically removes any scrap slug from sheets of metal or metal workpieces whenever the punch material enters the punching die. Holes and openings are typically left whenever the punching process is done. Punching’s ability to leave and produce different hole shapes […]