State of the Art CAD/CAM Technology: A Favourable Manufacturing Approach for Engineering Materials

CAD/CAM technology is spreading into every sector. In other words, this tech isn’t reserved for industrial applications. Sure, Computer Aided Design software dazzles as it produces incredibly detailed stainless steel components, but imagine Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) as a fabrication aide in other industries. In dentistry, for example, CAD machines produce super-detailed dental prostheses. How, […]

Zinc Plating Services in Melbourne

Made in Australia, toughened metal parts gain an edge when they’re coated in zinc. It’s true, a high-tensile support strut or hardened fastener will anchor a super-heavy load, but that mechanical strength can be undermined. Crippled by water, and time, strong alloys corrode. Here in Melbourne, where the coastal salt air drifts far, a zinc […]

How Do EDM Spark Eroding Machines Work?

There’s no need to get ahead of ourselves, no desire to put the proverbial cart before the horse, so let’s define an EDM Spark Eroding Machine before taking it apart and explaining its various inner workings. This is Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), a manufacturing technique that uses a special sparking electrode to cut intricate shapes […]